Stacey Malasky

I cut through paper to tell stories: stories passed down through generations and stories of everyday life , of hands and bodies doing tasks that we take for granted. Inspiration for art-making comes from the seasonal cycles of my life, of growing food, caring for bees, tending the soil, preserving and cooking food, of activities being directed by seasons and weather. In the creation of each paper cut I start with a drawing which is then used as a template, a map for what stays and what gets cut away. I cut through the template as well as the single sheet of paper beneath, using an exacto knife. In cut paper, much like story telling, what you leave out is just as important as what you keep in. I consider my work a documentation of stories that we may forget as convenience overrules tradition and self-reliance.

My cut paper work is an extension of my drawing and illustration, which came first. Another way to tell a different tale. The cut paper work has also evolved into printmaking as the desire to reproduce both my drawings and papercuts was realized through letterpress and silkscreen printing. All three change and mature alongside each other as I grow as an artist.